Magician's Cape

A magician's cape is a very important tool that a magician cannot go without. Each time you picture a magician you think of certain clothes that do come in your mind automatically as to what they would be wearing. They clothes should be catchy, so all the attention is on the magician and what he or she is doing. Following are instructions to know how to make a magician cape You need to measu...


Magic Props and Accessories

There are many magic tricks that require the usage of tools or props such as glasses, box of matches or money. However, as and when the trick becomes more complex you will also require more props or equipments for the performance. Magic props come in different sizes and shapes. You could also build your own routine around some simple things such as balloons, small animals or cards. You might als...


Magical Wand

One of the most important tool kits for any magician is the magical wand. When you think of different people working at different occupations there are a few things, or otherwise better said as tools and props that you could easily identity them with. For example, you think of a construction worker you would immediately think of the hammer, for a mechanic it would be his tool box. However, does...


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