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Generally, most of the beginners are aware of how to perform some simple magic tricks, but there are very few who may actually think of putting them all together for a show or entertainment purpose.

Professional magicians normally consider their shows to be consistent over three portions which are: the opener, the middle material and the closer. The opener is mostly a flashy and fast effect which catches the attention of the spectators. During the middle portion, you could perform those tricks that require some additional setup as well as a longer time to get to the conclusions. The closer is something which should be the strongest effect that also leaves behind a lasting impression on the minds of the spectators. The closer is mostly the last thing which will be remembered about you by the audiences. It is suggested that it is best to make use of different props and vary the effects

The Three Portions of Performing Magic

Opening: As already mentioned above, the opener is required to be visual and fast. An effect which could most likely work for this section would be the color changing handkerchief. In this trick you will work towards making one handkerchief of a particular color change to different colors by having to push it through your hand. One other great trick for an opener would be the card effect known a...


How to choose tricks

It is always best to choose magic tricks that will let you entertain the audience as well as work best for your venue or performing conditions. Generally speaking it is very important to perform a different routine and variety of tricks during the act. The variety is Important to show off the different effects or props used. However, what is more important than the effects and props is the diffe...


Room for improvement

A joy of being a magician is definitely bringing out the best magician in you. While performing magic it is also important to make sure you work on some new effects as well as work on your sleight of hand moves. Following are five steps to pave your way to a successful magician. Learn: You need to learn the move and let your fingers get the hang of it. You need to teach your hands the simple bas...


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