The Three Portions of Performing Magic

Opening: As already mentioned above, the opener is required to be visual and fast. An effect which could most likely work for this section would be the color changing handkerchief. In this trick you will work towards making one handkerchief of a particular color change to different colors by having to push it through your hand. One other great trick for an opener would be the card effect known as Fast Find.

Middle Ground: For the middle portion a great effect would be Svengali Deck, in this case a gimmicked card deck will allow you find a card selected as well as perform many other impressive effects. Other card tricks perfect for this section would be the Incredible Spelling, The Reversed Card and Aces from Your Pocket

Closer: You might want to consider ending the whole performance with something really strong. For this portion you could consider performing the trick Cups & Balls. Although the professional magicians could perform some advanced versions of this trick the beginners could perform the simpler version.

Before the performance of a trick you should be very sure of practicing since only practicing can make an art more perfect. Although the ones mentioned above are more of a suggestion, which is based on already established approaches, and which has worked successfully, the main key is to consider selecting the effect which is going to work best for you. You could also combine them in a manner which is entertaining.



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