How to choose tricks

It is always best to choose magic tricks that will let you entertain the audience as well as work best for your venue or performing conditions. Generally speaking it is very important to perform a different routine and variety of tricks during the act. The variety is Important to show off the different effects or props used. However, what is more important than the effects and props is the difference in the experiences of the audiences, this helps in bringing in interaction, storey telling, comedy and participation.

The main goal is to vary the different approaches to these tricks so that the audiences could react to the different aspects. It is always good to create a variety by mixing up the tricks. For example if you are performing four tricks in which a spectator is required to pick out a card for you, you should rather create a set having different interactions and experiences. You need to add tricks to the set where you could use different props or coins to mix around. Sometimes there are magicians who choose tricks that might have either impressed them or fooled them.

There is nothing wrong if you want to perform a trick which you have been drawn to earlier or really like. However, you should also remember that a magic trick might not turn out to be same way that you saw it turn out with another magician. It is a common misconception of many magicians.



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