Magic Props and Accessories

There are many magic tricks that require the usage of tools or props such as glasses, box of matches or money. However, as and when the trick becomes more complex you will also require more props or equipments for the performance. Magic props come in different sizes and shapes.

You could also build your own routine around some simple things such as balloons, small animals or cards. You might also require some common items from the grocery such as paper, sugar cubes or knives. However, eventually it might be useful for you to find a magic shop as well for such supplies. Besides being able to get all the equipments or props for the event, the magic shop might also be a superb resource for new tricks or for places where you could perform.

If you do require custom equipments then the best bet would be to do it yourself. Back in the day, most of the magicians were required to make their very own equipments and props. Some of the tricks do not require more than a few tools and plywood. Also, if the props are going to be home made then you could also be sure that no other person would have the tricks like you do.

However, the first piece that is very important would be a magician's table. You will have to build it or even just buy it; make sure it has hidden compartments where you could use it for tricks involving the disappearance of objects. One other equipment which is the most important is the outfit. The outfit of a magician plays a very important role when it comes to the performance.



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