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Throughout the history of man, magic tricks have been performed; magic has also played an important part when it comes to influencing different political, religious and cultural developments. Magic tricks are nothing but illusions which are created to mislead the common man to be able to evoke amazement. Today, it has become as an entertainment form as more and more people are only delighted to watch even a small and simple magic trick performed. An illusion relies on the misdirection of the attention of the audience so that the magic is performed without any flaw. There are so many beginners who are interested in magic as well as the common man who wants to know more about this art, as it is an art that is the toughest of all. Learn more through the questions asked below

Is it important to learn a variety of magic tricks?

If you are someone who loves to entertain your family or friends then you could probably learn a handful of tricks and perform. You just want to be applauded for those few tricks. During such cases you do not even have to bother too much about what you have missed or what was shown since you are no professional. On the other hand, it is important for a professional to learn a variety of tricks....


What are the different themes used by a magician

It is normal and fine for magicians to talk about what is going on while performing tricks. However, if you are going to be presenting many tricks you would want to add some variety, themes and angles. Following are seven themes that you could use to increase the impact of a trick. Detective: With this theme you do not have to really claim magical powers, but instead state that you have increase...


How much should I practice when learning magick tricks?

Every magician, be it a beginner or a professional requires practicing since it not only involves the art of the trick but also deceiving the audience or creating an illusion. Since magic is a tough art it constantly demands perfection through practice. If you think you have practiced all the tricks and that you will not longer have to ever practice then you are wrong. Even a professional magici...


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