Room for improvement

A joy of being a magician is definitely bringing out the best magician in you. While performing magic it is also important to make sure you work on some new effects as well as work on your sleight of hand moves. Following are five steps to pave your way to a successful magician.

Learn: You need to learn the move and let your fingers get the hang of it. You need to teach your hands the simple basics and let your fingers and hand work together.

Perform: You could perform in front of the mirror once you have understood the whole move. You should make sure you are doing it the right way and exactly the way you would want to be seen by the spectators.

Repeat: You need to repeat the move until you are able to execute it correctly without thinking too hard. You should work on it for hours depending on the complexity of the move.

Show: Once you have managed to make your act more perfect you could show it to a magician friend who could also give you some feedback. If there is anything that is wrong or if you happen to expose any secret you should make necessary adjustments and repeat to execute right.

Refine: You should work on the presentation especially during the moment when you are going to be executing the move and practice it repeatedly. It is important to make sure you are confident and do not hesitate regarding your magic.



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